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IJF Judo in Schools


International Judo Federation (IJF)


To develop a strategy that would help national federations worldwide in setting up a judo program for primary schools.

Target group

National judo federations (globally)


The challenge was to establish IJF Judo in Schools as a uniform and strong product and brand. We have achieved this by employing a franchise formula, using the Dutch program Schooljudo as a blueprint. In this set-up, each participating national federation is a franchisee. We have created a central support unit that offers franchisees tools that enable them to build durable programs. This has allowed us to guard the uniformity and quality of our product as it is being rolled out globally, despite the cultural differences between the numerous participating federations.


As of today, IJF Judo in Schools is active in 45 countries. The first year was all about building our method based on the values of judo, and about onboarding federations. We developed a step-by-step process for new franchisees, a new logo, wrote guidelines, and developed and gave online sessions and seminars. In numbers, we so far have:

Over 450 participating primary schools

453 judo teachers under contract

Distributed 24.759 judogi

Reached 386.326 children

Over 700 press outings on national and local levels


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