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Best job for gamers


Domino’s Pizza The Netherlands


Domino’s is the word’s biggest pizza take-out and delivery company. In The Netherlands, 250.000 pizzas are made and delivered every day. A lot of staff is needed to get this all done.

Domino’s asked us to help them position themselves as one of the best employers for adolescents and students looking for a part-time job.

Target group

Male adolescents (ages 12-20)


Domino’s became an official partner of the eDivisie, The Netherlands’ largest and most rapidly growing esports platform. This allowed us to tap into the two favorite pastimes of Domino’s target group: gaming and soccer.

The campaign we created used the pay-off ‘the best job for gamers’. We determined the skills that were needed for both gaming and working at Domino’s (speed, agility, teamwork), and used these as the foundation of the partnership, and the various activations aimed at both current and prospective employees.


Domino’s is visible across the channels of the edivisie for the duration of a year, right in the heart of our target group, in a way that is relevant to them. The partnership is still ongoing, but has already yielded the following results:

438.000 views of a YouTube video series called ‘Commentatoren in je Oren’. This series is now the best-viewed series produced by edivisie as part of a partnership ever!

1.057.995 views of all partnership content on Domino’s social media channels (YouTube, Instagram, Twitch).

Over 2.000 job applications.

Domino’s has managed to be relevant to its target group, which has allowed it to claim a solid position and positive reputation amongst gamers.

The various activations and events that have been organized for current employees as part of the partnership, has enabled us to also add to Domino’s loyalty program.


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