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Sanquin blood center


How can Sanquin recruit more young men (the ultimate blood donors)?

Target group

Males ages 18 – 35


We determined that the majority of gaming/esports fans are male. Looking specifically at different target groups, we found that the ‘older’ gamers (18 – 35) interest themselves mainly for League of Legends.

We brought together Sanquin and Riot Games (the publisher behind League of Legends) in a unique partnership and came up with creative ways for Sanquin to reach the 18 – 35 years old target group through this game. We created a link between an important in-game event in League of Legends (‘first blood’) and real-life blood donation through #myfirstblood. New first-time donors also received an in-game incentive in return for their donor registration: the Blood Moon Thresh-skin. In-game, #myfirstblood was activated with the pay-off ‘a first blood could save lives’.

To further reinforce the campaign, the organized the first ever Dutch stream during the EULCS Summer Finals in Madrid, activated gaming-influencers to promote the campaign, and generated press coverage in both esports and traditional media.


5.500 new donor registrations

3.680 actual ‘first bloods’



Gold SPIN Award 2019 (category media)

SAN Accent 2019 (category not for profit)

Bronze Esprix 2019 (category not for profit)

Bronze Esprix 2019 (category experimental)

Nomination AMMA 2019 (MWG Congres category best content & engagement strategy)

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